about me

This is a site about finding out whether or not I’m still a writer.

I used to be one, and while my name hasn’t been in lights, it has been in print more than a few times.

Words were my living, and I moved on to a different living without a second thought. Now that I am an engineer, I haven’t written much more than a memo or technical report in over 5 years.

I miss the words.

The right ones used to be at the tips of my fingers whenever I needed them; now, they scatter when my brain saddles up and gets its lasso.

Speaking of my brain, most of my ideas these days are about numbers, so I’m going to try stretching it. I’ll be using some writing texts to get started, with this spot as the repository of my exercises. I might have several drafts of the same thing as a way to show progress.

Although that might be too humiliating, so I might just post the ones that are the least terrible.

I figure that there are other people out there who used to be writers. If you are one of us, drop me a line some day through the random thoughts section. Tell me about what you’re writing and why and who it makes you.

I’m curious about you, too.