good words

filled teacup with saucer beside good morning card and pen and macaroons
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Good words for the dead can be hard to come by. Especially for the kind of dead that ruin a good night’s sleep, or mar a beautiful day with all their deadness.

Take the dead guy sitting in my bed. First, he is obviously an asshole because I didn’t invite him in here. Second, it is 2 in the forsaken morning, I just got to sleep, and I’m on swing this week. So he is an inconsiderate anti-worker asshole. And, not to put too fine point on it, he leaks, the inconsiderate, uncouth, anti-worker asshole.

Did I mention I didn’t invite him to hop into bed with me? Because I didn’t.

I have strict office hours for the animate dead: between 3 PM and midnight during my off weeks, I hear their cases and make judgments. Just because you are dead doesn’t mean you become any less litigious, and the dead have the time for long cases.

Had a thought and enjoyed it. Stopped when I got to the part that would involve work.

– Abe

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