(getting to) know thyself

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From time to time, I find myself pretending to be interviewed on a morning TV show. It’s not (just) because I have issues; this is an actual technique for good mental hygiene and fostering creativity.

Today, I found myself telling the anchor the following, and I thought it would be a fun writing prompt: “I’m so boring that I have orthotics in my slippers.”

First, this is actually a true fact of my life: my slippers do indeed house my orthotics. Second, I am not actually boring, but I am quite self-contained. In case you wondered.

Here’s what I decided to do with my sentence.

Howard is a good guy. He shovels the sidewalk in the winter, and even gets the sidewalk for his neighbors, who are damnfool lazy bastards. Stating a fact is not judging them.

Howard knows he is a good guy, and people go out of their way to thank him for his good guy-ness. They seem to appreciate the little things he does for them, to an embarrassing degree. At least, their thanks always seem to involve embarrassing Howard.

So on this particular day, when Howard woke and opened the curtains to a foot of new snow, he sighed. His feet hurt, but what must be done, must be done.

No one ever said that holding back the rising tide of damnfoolery was going to be easy or convenient.

And that is my first thought about Howard and his feet. I’ll store it here, and some day I may come back to it.

Just an example of life providing inspiration for art. Well, if I arted, this would be an art.

– A. Balderdasher


  1. I completely understand… I was devastated when Craig Ferguson left the Late Late Show… all those hours spent preparing for our inevitable interview after my brilliant novel was sure to be a best seller (and would have most likely changed his life). How inconsiderate of him.

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